We are constantly expanding our initiatives and programs to meet the needs of our animal welfare partners and make an impact on communities nationwide.

Investing in a Diverse Future

The Ryans are a diverse family who use their platform, both through their foundation and personally, to help animals throughout the nation. As one of the few animal-focused foundations with a Black founder and leader in Logan Ryan, RARF cannot ignore the fact that the animal welfare industry is one of the many industries lacking in diversity, inclusiveness, and equity.

Expanding and adapting to the needs of animals and those who are dedicated to helping them is at the core of the RARF mission. Investing in a Diverse Future is RARF’s new initiative which focuses on providing spotlights, resources and funding that will increase the representation of Black, brown, indigenous, and people of color within the animal welfare industry; and providing funding for programs that concentrate on creating equity and inclusion for people and animals.

Stay tuned for more on this important work!


Black-Owned Businesses

In celebration of diversity and equity, RARF will be providing spotlights for Black business owners and leaders who can help to pave the way for a younger generation of aspiring Black and brown community members to become part of the animal welfare industry.

Want to suggest an animal-related business or organization that is owned, operated, or led by Black community members for RARF to highlight?  Send us an email!


Trill Paws

“Trill Paws is a pet accessory and lifestyle brand based out of Los Angeles, California. Trill Paws creates pet tags and accessories that are inspired by pop-culture icons and sayings — anything from emoji designs, popular sayings, fun memes, and more.”

Trill Paws founder Rachel and her beloved Frenchie Kevin, dreamt up a concept for a pet accessories company that would appeal to fun and trendy pet owners who love dogs, designs, and of course Pop-Culture!

Rachel and Kevin are celebrating the 3rd Anniversary of Trill Paws this month! We are excited to feature such a fun, creative Black-owned business for March and April!

Trill Paws will be donating a percentage of sales to RARF through April 15th! Use code RARF10 to receive 10% off your purchase! Let’s come together to support this amazing Black-owned business! Code expires April 15th 

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Art by Ave

Art by Ave is a new initiative aiming to engage and connect with children from all over to engage in philanthropy and kindness through creativity.

Art by Ave was started by Avery Ryan, the 5-year-old daughter of RARF founders Logan and Ashley. Avery fosters kittens alongside her Mom, and together they have provided care to over 20 kittens and cats on their journey to loving homes! Avery helps with all aspects of fostering, from feeding, cleaning up messes, assisting with weight checks, and of course her favorite part, socialization! Avery wanted to do more for kittens and cats, beyond the ones she was fostering, she asked her parents if she could sell her artwork and give the money to kittens who needed it.

Together with Avery, RARF has created the Art by Ave initiative! Although only in its beginning stage, Art by Ave aims to engage and connect with children from all over to create artwork that will, in turn, raise funds for animals (cats & kittens specifically) nationwide. Stay tuned for updates as this initiative grows!

Are you a teacher or school that is interested in partnering with Art by Ave? Email Us to learn more!